Addressable Fire Alarm with a Powerful Voice

  • Save money
    Emergency voice system and fi re alarm control
    are combined in one cabinet, saving up to 3 hours
    of installation time
  • More design flexibility
    Distributed amplifi ers allow you to put the power
    where you need it
  • Loud & clear
    System capacity of up to 500W
  • High occupant safety
    Meets standards for Emergency Communication
    and Mass Notifi cation Systems(UL2572,
    NFPA72 2010, UFC 4-021-01)

Fire Alarm + Emergency Voice System

Most experts recommend the use of a combined fire alarm and emergency voice system due to the fi re alarm’s robustness and
strict adherence to NFPA 72 code. Silent Knight’s long history of providing highly reliable fi re alarm systems continues with
the new 5820XL-EVS integrated fi re alarm and emergency voice system. This system provides a solution for protecting
people and property all in one package.
Distributed Intelligence Provides Design Flexibility Up to four 50 watt or 125 watt amplifiers can be distributed through out the building allowing fl exible design to put power where you need it and signifi cantly reduce speaker wire runs. The 5820XL-EVS is a non-proprietary system that will keep occupants informed of both fire and non-fire emergencies with real time information directing them to safety, whether that means to evacuate or go to a specifi c place of refuge.


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