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The SK-FFT Fire Fighter Telephone System provides the most flexible and reliable fire telephone control system for fire fighters use with fire alarm systems. The control module provides supervision, annunciation and control for local and remote telephone handsets.

The SK-FFT is a Fire Fighters Telephone Communication System. The SK-FFT with keypad, provides indications of phone activation, and corresponding trouble conditions. The FFT-24 expander board lets you add additional zones to the SK-FFT.

The SK-FFT can use one FFT-24 for a total of 48 zones. Each zone consists of one addressable monitor module (SK-Minimon) and a minimum of one Fire Fighter Telephone Jack (FFT-FPJ).


  • SK-FFT Fire Fighter Telephone module for control
    and annunciation of up to 48 remote telephone jacks
  • A maximum of 10 Fire Fighter Remote Handsets
    (FFT-RHS) can be used at one time to communicate
    over the telephone circuit connected to the SK-FFT
  • Fire Fighter Phone Jack (FFT-FPJ) provides a plug-in
    location for the FFT-RHS
  • Single Telephone Station Mount comes in a lockable
    cabinet containing one remote handset. Available in
    Recessed mount (FFT-STSR) or surface mount
  • Fire Fighter Handset Cabinet (FFT-HSC) is used to
    store ten Fire Fighter Handsets (FFT-RHS)
  • System Status LEDs
  • Supports a single FFT-24 zone expander
  • The SK-FFT supports up to 48 SK-Minimon devices
    on one FFT system
  • One Form C trouble relay
  • JumpStartĀ® auto-programming


The SK-FFT can be surface or flush mounted. Use the VIP-TR trim ring for flush mounting.


  • 5820XL Addressable Fire Control Panel
  • 5820XL-EVS Emergency Voice System with FACP
  • 5808 Addressable Fire Control Panel
  • 5700 Addressable Fire Control Panel
  • 5600 25-Point Addressable Fire Control Panel
  • 5895XL Power Supply
  • For retrofit projects, compatible with any UL listed
    24V regulated power supply


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