Victaulic Vortex® hybrid technology extinguishes via heat absorption and oxygen deprivation with minimal water presence.

· Self-contained — no piping needed
· Fast, convenient installation
· Minimal water presence
· No costly clean up or equipment replacement
· 100% Green design
· Quick system recharge, minimal downtime
· No need for assurance of tight room integrity

The Victaulic Vortex® 500 Fire Suppression System is built on more than 85 years of Victaulic innovation and product development experience.

• Designed specifically for Information Technology spaces
• Provides the best capabilities of both water mist and inert gas systems
• Each system provides calibrated performance for the size of the space it is protecting.

Water Sparse Presence
As little as ¼ gallon of water per minute per emitter utilized to suppress fires.

Room Integrity
Unlike other systems, maintaining room
integrity is not essential; fires are extinguished in open, naturally ventilated areas.

Emitter /discharge
High velocity and low pressure creates a uniform blend of water and nitrogen; water is introduced to a jet stream of nitrogen at
supersonic speed, then delivered with the nitrogen into the protected space at 40 mph.

Immediate Activation
System seamlessly integrates with alarm and detection systems as well as facility security technology and, unlike other technologies
that use toxic agents, can activate immediately upon detection of a fire without having to wait for evacuation.

Protection within enclosures
Even small, smoldering fires within racks are detected and extinguished with negligible water exposure for components or hardware.

100% green technology
Utilizing only non-toxic agents, water and nitrogen — personnel are safe, even during activation; oxygen in the space is maintained at safe breathing levels.

Victaulic Vortex® 500 Difference

· Unique hybrid technology utilizes both water and nitrogen as complimentary extinguishing agents
· Average water droplet size of around 10 microns, incredibly small and fine, eliminating any appreciable wetting of equipment or surrounding space
· These ultra-fine particles of water feature heat-absorbing surface area 90 times greater than those generated by standard sprinklers


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