• 4X4 Fire Control Panel
    The Model SRP-4×4 is an FM Approved and UL Listed, Fire Alarm/Releasing Control Panel. Although it is primarily designed for use as a releasing panel for Pre-action and Deluge water-based extinguishing systems, it may also be used as a stand alone Fire Alarm Control Panel and is ideally suited for many commercial and light industrial applications.
  • Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection
    The Protectowire FiberSystem 8000 has been designed for use as a linear heat detection system using state-of-the-art fiber optic sensing technology. The system consists of Type PFS Fiber Optic Sensor Cable and the PTS Controllers with related software.
  • FS2000 Fire Control Panel
    The FireSystem 2000 is a fully supervised, non-coded fire alarm control panel available in multiple zone configurations. The control panels are modular in design and feature individual control modules designed to meet specialized system requirements for commercial, institutional, and light industrial applications.
  • FS2600 HD Industrial Fire Control Panel
    The 2600HD is a fully supervised, fire control panel available in multiple zone custom configurations. The system is modular in design and provides a range of functional control features.


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