Star-pic2The STAR Software Defined Radio Fire Alarm transmitter, is a self-contained Auxiliary Signaling Device that responds to contact closures from standard fire panels, emergency switch devices, supervisory switch devices and auxiliary switch devices to generate an alarm message in a standard King-Fisher KFRA-C receiving processing unit format and transmits that message by radio. The STAR is contained in a NEMA-1 cabinet and derives power from a 120VAC circuit.


There are two basic units that make up the STAR subsystem. An interface circuit controls the power subsystem and monitors up to six Class B monitored inputs. It applies debounce logic to signals on these inputs to prevent responding to external noise, such as that due to lightning strikes in the area. When an alarm is warranted, the interface triggers the radio transmitter control circuitry to initiate the transmission of the alarm message. The radio circuitry monitors input signals and builds an alarm message that it transmits on a preselected VHF radio frequency channel.

Several alarm message formats that conform to an existing King-Fisher messaging standard can be selected. Message format specifics are selected by the alarm technician using a laptop computer or the King Fisher Programming Unit. (SMPU)


  • Box Number and Test Time can be easily programmed
    by a laptop computer or King Fisher Programming
    Unit. (SMPU)
  • Can transmit Emergency Response Signals such as
    Fire, Medical, Supervisory, Police, etc.
  • STAR can be connected to standard fire panels and
    city master boxes
  • FM approved
  • Meets and exceeds NFPA 72 and 1221 standards
  • F.C.C. Certificated
  • NEMA-1 Cabinet (Indoor Use Only)
  • Automatic Self-Testing
  • Includes King Fisher 211 lock
  • Capable of operating on 100 to 120VAC power, without
    any modification

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