IRAC 52 IndoorThe Industrial Radio Alarm Control System (IRACS) is completely modular, self-contained system. The IRAC-20 is a heavy duty panel capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures and designed for detecting the operation of any approved signal initiating device, indicating by annunciator LEDs the area of the alarm condition, and operates all alarm and auxiliary devices.

The IRAC-20 is furnished in an indoor cabinet and has the maximum expansion of 20 zones. In addition, the modular IRAC-20 Panel has the optional capability of automatic radio reporting for alarms, supervisory, and trouble conditions with test status reporting for use with a compatible receiving unit.


The Model IRAC-20 Fire Alarm Control System is modular in its construction; and, can initially be installed and operated as a local control panel. The IRAC-20 Fire Alarm Control System’s primary function is to monitor up to 20 zones of emergency detection devices for the presence of an alarm condition.

When an initiating device detects an alarm condition, the IRAC-20 Panel begins an alarm sequence which can include automatic local annunciation, building evacuation, remote signalling, reporting, and optional extinguishing agent release.


  • Four Input Class B Zone Boards
    (Expandable 20 Zones)
  • Two Input Class A Zone Boards
    (Expandable 10 Zones)
  • Releasing Device Zone Boards
    (Expandable 5 Zones)
  • Compact Indoor Only Cabinet
  • Factory Mutual Approved

Optional Radio Fire Alarm Reporting Feature:

The IRAC-20 Panel with its modular design can be easily upgraded from its fire alarm configuration to a radio fire reporting system within a matter of minutes. Simply add a transmitting antenna, coaxial cable, and two modular plug-in boards consisting of a modular CPU board and transmitter board, for one-way reporting. The IRAC-20 Panel with its capability of automatic radio reporting for alarms, supervisory, and trouble conditions is now ready for use with a compatible receiving unit.

SIRAC20I 6-1-08 Rev.1

System Capability and Approvals:

IRAC-20 Panels can be installed; as a basic fire alarm panel, a fire suppression panel, or as a radio alarm panel in an existing or new Radio Fire Alarm Reporting System using King-Fisher Compatible Radio Base Receiving Stations. For additional information on adding IRAC-20 Panels to your existing King-Fisher Radio Fire Alarm Reporting System, please consult the factory.

The IRAC-20 Panel including the radio transmitter reporting option are Factory Mutual Approved and designed to comply with all applicable NFPA standards (NFPA 72 and 1221) while providing the capability of monitoring up to 20 emergency zones. The IRAC-20 Panel radio options are FCC Type Accepted.

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