Intelligent Analog Fire Alarm Control Panel with Radio Transmitter

King-Fisher FX2003RT RevThe FX-2003/RT Intelligent Analog Fire Alarm Control Panel with Radio Transmitter is designed to provide maximum flexibility of analog radio communication system while also providing easy installation and operation at a cost-effective price. The FX-2003/RT base panel consists of one intelligent analog loop controller capable of supporting 99 Analog Sensors and 99 Addressable Modules which can be wired in Class A (Style 6 or 7) or Class B (Style 4). The system can be expanded by adding additional Analog Loop Controller Modules which allows up to 8 addressable circuits loops w/99 sensors per loop. In addition the base panel supports 16 conventional hardwire adder modules such as the DM-1008A Initiating Circuit Module, KFSGM-1004A Indicating Circuit Module and the KFRM-1008A Relay Circuit Module.

Additional conventional hardwire adder modules can be added with the KFALC-H16 Adder Hardwire Loop Controller Module, which allows the system to support an additional 16 conventional adder modules. The base panel also consists of 4 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating Circuits rated at 1.7 Amps each and either a 6 or 12 Amp Power Supply.

The FX-2003/RT panel also provides the most reliable and efficient means of transmitting radio coded alarm and trouble signals to an Emergency Service Dispatch Center having a KFRA-C radio fire alarm receiver(s) up to 25 miles away. Equipped with a large 4 x 20 Back-lit Alphanumeric LCD display, the FX-2003/RT utilizes a simple Menu system complete with a directional keypad, common control switches and LEDs, Alarm Queue switches and LEDs, two configurable input switches and 16 configurable zone LEDs


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