The superior design features and exceptional performance of Fike’s Clean Agent Fire Suppression System using DuPont™ FM-200®
help you:

  • Save lives
  • Protect high-value equipment, assets and irreplaceables from damage
  • Minimize business interruption due to fire
  • Minimize downtime after fire
  • Prevent residue and clean-up after fire
  • Minimize floor space requirements

Consider the Fike Clean Agent Fire Suppression system

Imagine your company’s valuable data, equipment and systems lost to fire. It happens every day somewhere in the world. And it’s devastating. Even one day lost to fire-related downtime can mean lost revenues, customers and profits.

You can’t afford equipment being inoperable … service interruptions to customers … or being unable to produce valuable data, documents and resources. You must protect your employees, your business and most importantly, your customers.

Clean Agent Fire Protection is Best for Electronics and High value assets

Water-based fire suppression systems (i.e. sprinklers), are designed to protect people and structures. But, when it comes to protecting high value machinery, computers and other electronic equipment, water can be more damaging than the fire itself!

Gaseous chemical suppression systems (clean agent systems) have been used for more than 40 years to protect electronics and other valuables that are susceptible to the damaging effects of water-based suppression systems. Fike’s Clean Agent Systems are superior to water and dry chemicals in virtually every way:

  • Clean agents are not electrically conductive, and do not damage electronics — water is a conductor and ruins electronics!
  • Clean agents are safe for people.
  • Clean agents leave no residue and require no clean-up.
  • Because they act quickly, clean agents greatly reduce the amount of smoke and soot damage caused by a fire.
  • Clean agents provide three-dimensional suppression, extinguishing fires that water may not reach.

Why FM-200?
Fike’s Clean Agent System extinguishes a fire quickly by discharging in 10 seconds – or less! The system removes heat and breaks up the fire at the molecular level. FM-200 discharges as gas, leaves no residue and doesn’t require costly clean-up, unlike sprinklers and other systems.

And with Fike’s patented valve system, we offer greater coverage – faster and more effectively — than any other option. This means minimal damages and interruptions for your business.

FM-200 is a widely accepted replacement for Halon 1301. FM-200 is people-friendly… won’t obscure vision in a fire… and Fike’s Clean Agent System using FM-200 takes up less floor space than other systems. In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency named it a non-ozone depleting agent for fire extinguishing systems installed in occupied spaces.

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