With an expanding line of quality fire protection and fire detection products, Fike designs fire protection products that utilize the most innovative technologies yet are convenient to install and operate.

  • Cheetah Xi Intelligent Control Panels
    The Cheetah Xi is the only fire suppression panel to offer true peer-to-peer technology. That means every fire protection module and sensor can act as a peer, able to communicate directly with the detection control panel…and with each other! This direct communication reduces the fire protection response time to as little as one-quarter second. And every fire detection device can also generate highly detailed, accurate information, making the Cheetah Xi detection and control system one of the fastest AND most versatile fire suppression systems available.
  • SHP-Pro Conventional Control Panel
    That’s COMPLETE FIRE PROTECTION using ONE economical Fire Suppression Panel! ┬áPlus, the versatile SHP-PRO fire suppression system is built for easy installation and maintenance. Fike’s SHP-PRO is the leader in conventional fire detection and control.


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