You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the exceptional benefits of a superior Clean Agent System. ECARO-25 protects your people, your assets, your business continuity… and your bottom line.

• Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) • Environmentally safe
• Electrically non-conductive • Colorless and odorless
• Leaves no residue • For use in occupied and
• No overpressurization concerns unoccupied spaces


Mission Critical Facilities

• IT systems / software
• Telecommunication centers
• IT modular facilities

Healthcare Industry

• Clinical equipment
• Operating rooms
• Testing / imaging equipment


• Chemical laboratories
• Clean rooms
• Compressor / pumping stations
• Control rooms
• Flammable liquid storage
• Hazardous manufacturing
• Oil collection stations
• Paint mixing rooms
• Printing plants
• Robotic equipment
• Textile manufacturing


• Art / artifacts / historical collections
• Records and data archives
• Reference material

Professional Services Firms

• Computer rooms
• Electric utility facilities
• Media storage
• Power supply facilities
• Switchgears
• Transformer vaults


• Airport field lighting controls
• Flight simulators
• Military vehicles
• Traffic control

Imagine your company’s valuable data, equipment and systems lost to fire. How many enterprises, businesses and customers would be negatively impacted if your equipment or network were to go down?

And how quickly could you get back on line … if at all? Even one day lost to fire-related downtime can mean lost revenues, customers and profits. You know you should protect against fire. But, basic water type fire suppression systems (sprinklers) can cause even
more damage than the fire itself.

Gaseous clean agent fire suppression systems have long been the answer to protecting high-end equipment, electronics and irreplaceable items from fire and the damaging effects of water.

The Superior Design Features and Exceptional Performance of Fike’s ECARO-25 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System Help You:

• Save lives
• Save money on clean agent
• Save money on piping
• Save floor space
• Minimize business interruption due to fire
• Protect high-value equipment, assets and irreplaceables from damage
• Minimize downtime after fire
• Prevent residue and clean-up after fire

ECARO-25 features the unique fire extinguishing agent FE-25™ by DuPont™, which absorbs heat energy at its molecular level faster
than the heat can be generated, so the fire cannot sustain itself. FE-25 also forms free radicals to chemically interfere with the chain
reaction of the combustion process.

Simply said, ECARO-25 is the best way to suppress fires and protect your high-value assets and business continuity.

All clean agents must remain in the protected space for a specified period of time in order to extinguish a fire. Thanks to the unique physical properties of the ECARO-25 agent, the hold time in a 5000 cubic foot enclosure is 27 minutes, compared to a 12 minute hold time for an HFC-227ea system and a 10 minute hold time for a FK-5-1-12 system. ECARO-25 offers a far superior hold time, allowing more time for trained personnel response and minimal chance for any fire re-ignition.

In addition, ECARO-25 requires 10% less agent per cubic foot/meter than HFC-227ea systems and 37% less clean agent per cubic foot/meter than FK-5-1-12.

The superior properties of our unique system allow you to utilize small diameter piping over long distances, making it easier and less expensive to design your clean agent pipe network. With ECARO-25, you spend less money on the agent, piping and installation … making it the most cost-effective clean agent fire suppression system available today.


A clean agent fire suppression valve controls the pressure within the container and the efficiency with which the system discharges. The Fike Impulse Valve greatly improves the performance of clean agent fire suppression systems over mechanical valve systems by combining the reliability and efficiency of a rupture disc and the flexibility of electric actuation. Technology combines the highest standards for performance with simplified operation and maintenance.

• Easier/less expensive to ship
• Capability to manually activate
• Replacement is easy and less expensive
• Resettable actuation device
• Easier filling
• Easy field testing capability
• Simplified service
• UL Listed and FM Approved

The simplicity of the valve means fewer parts to maintain and greater reliability. As a result of Fike’s advanced rupture disc
technology, there is less pressure loss. That efficiency translates into a fire protection system with longer pipe run capability and
flexible installation options.

The Impulse Valve can be configured to operate in multiple ways – electric, pneumatic or a combination of both. The Impulse Valve is capable of firing up to 6 cylinders on a single releasing circuit – making systems with this advanced actuation more cost-effective to
design and install.


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