Fike is known worldwide as an innovator in fire suppression equipment and fire protection technology. Our products include ECARO-25 Clean Agent  and FM200 Clean Agent systems, CO2 High Pressure Carbon Dioxide, Pro-Inert Clean Agent Inert Gas, and MicroMist Single Fluid Water Mist.

IMPULSE Technology
With over 65 years experience, Fike is known as the leader in rupture disc technology.  Using that knowledge, Fike has designed the most effective fire suppression container valve available. After extensive engineering and testing, the Impulse technology combines the highest standards for performance with simplified operation and maintenance.

  • Easier/less expensive to ship
  • Capability to manually activate
  • Replacement is easy and less expensive – lower reload kit costs
  • Easier filling – no inverting cylinder for fill and mix
  • Easy field testing capability- eliminates “flash bulb” testing
  • Service simplified

Installation Made Simple
The simplicity of the IMPULSE fire suppression valve means there are fewer parts to maintain  … increasing the reliability of the system.  And since the clean agent system has a resettable actuator, it can be fully function tested, without discharging the system.

But what if there is a discharge?  Only the disc and a few rings need to be replaced.  Lower cost re-load kits is just one more reason, the Fike Impulse valve is a cost-effective addition to your fire protection strategy.

  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant brass construction for extended valve life
  • Simple design for easy installation
  • Pressure fill port allows fast fill
  • Gauge port allows field replacement of gauge
  • Conforms to European F-Gas Regulations
  • Easy to assemble

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