SpyderGuard is a user interface for event management in your facility. It seamlessly connects to multiple SigniFire™ FSM IP or
FSM-8 units within your business providing current status of your facility anywhere in the world.

The remote monitoring feature used on SpyderGuard allows visual and audio annunciation of SigniFire detected events such
as fire, smoke and intrusion at the convenience of your desktop. Remote administration is an additional feature that allows for
remote configuration of system settings providing two access levels of security: administrative and user.

Structural representation of your organization in SpyderGuard allows for awareness of a dangerous situation at many levels including the site, building, floor and room. Live video is also instantly delivered to the remote monitoring site when the alarm has been triggered – the solution to a verfied response problem. In addition, archived events can be played back over IP so the remote operator will have a better understanding of what caused the alarm.


  • Network transparent
  • Access any number of FSM IP or FSM-8 units
  • Integrates building and floor plans
  • User and administrator access levels
  • Visual and voice alarm annunciations
  • Instantly shows trouble spots
  • Easy navigation through floor plans of your facilities
  • Instant access to all stored events
  • Remote video playback

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