Protection that Grows with You.

ivelrgYou need a fire alarm system that adapts as your business changes. Fike’s Zone Interface Modules are designed so you can mix-and-match to create just the right system for your current requirements – and add more as your facility changes. From voice evacuation systems and zone annunciator modules to manual override and smoke control, we help you design a system with exactly the right protection – every step of the way.

20-Zone User Interface Module

This Switch/LED module provides for user defined functionality within the CyberCat® control system– plus visual indication of active zones, points, or panel events.

  • Zone disable
  • Manual bypass and override functions
  • Voice evacuation functionality and optional
    fire phone selective paging
  • Silence, acknowledge, re-set and process
    control commands

20-Zone LED Annunciator Module

This LED module provides instant visual status of up to 20 zones of protection. Each zone has a red alarm LED
and yellow trouble/ supervisory LED – each programmable for any zone to provide visual indication of alarm, trouble/
supervisory conditions for individual zones or points.

When a system event, such as alarm or trouble, is processed from the control panel, the appropriate LED illuminates for easy visual confirmation of the event and status change for that zone.

6-Zone Voice Evac Switch Card

This switch card is an optional component of Fike’s emergency voice evacuation system. It allows you to manually initiate audio messages for up to six (6) audio zones. Each switch and LED can be programmed to provide control and status indication of individual or multiple speaker zones. It is ideal for first responders to manually override and control Fike’s integrated voice evacuation system during an emergency.

6-Zone Manual Override Modules

A Switch/LED module that provides a direct interface into the CyberCat control system, providing control of remote air-handling equipment, dampers or other smoke-control system components for up to six zones, as well as current status. Ideal for first responders to manually override and control this type of mechanical equipment during a fire emergency. Fike offers additional application flexibility, by providing two smoke control alternatives:

1. CyberCat Fire Alarm

Panel with Integrated Smoke Control – LED functions and control switches are located directly on the control panel for
easy access in a single attractive package.

2. For a more visual first responder alternative, utilize a separate, easily read, custom Smoke Control graphic panel, including floor layouts and diagrams, interfaced with a new or existing CyberCat Panel.


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