Chemetron Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid System

Novec Novec 1230 Fluid is an environmentally acceptable, people compatible clean agent for vital facilities with a wide range of hazards. Novec 1230 Fluid suppresses the fire by removing the heat energy and interrupting the combustion process. As a clean agent, Novec 1230 Fluid offers these benefits:

• Very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just one
• Atmospheric lifetime of approximately 5 days
• Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of Zero
• No post-fire residue to clean up
• No damage to protected equipment
• Is electronically non-conductive
• Safe for use in a wide range of normally occupied hazard areas

Novec 1230 Fluid safeguards a wide range of applications, including:

• Telecommunication Facilities
• Computer Operations
• Control Rooms
• Shipboard (Marine Systems)
• Rare Book Libraries
• Universities & Museums
• Record & Storage Facilities
• Art Galleries
• Petrochemical Installations
• Pharmaceutical & Medical Facilities
• Electronics Equipment

Novec 1230 Fluid (CF3CF2C (O) CF (CF3)2 is a fluoroketone that consists of carbon, fluorine and oxygen. It is colorless, odorless, electrically nonconductive, and suppresses the fire by removing the heat energy and interrupting the combustion process.

Novec 1230 Fluid is stored as a liquid in steel containers and is pressurized with nitrogen to 360 psig (2482 kPa) to increase its discharge flow characteristics. When discharged, Novec 1230 Fluid will vaporize at the discharge nozzles and effectively mix with the air throughout the protected area.

Effective… Novec 1230 Fluid has been found to be an effective, clean and non-toxic rapid acting fire suppression agent that extinguishes fire by physically removing the heat energy from the flame. Fast Acting… Novec 1230 Fluid responds quickly at low concentrations to eliminate a fire. It is environmentally acceptable for sensitive equipment.

Safe… Novec 1230 Fluid offers the greatest margin of safety for use in occupied spaces.

Recognized… Novec 1230 is recognized by the top independent listing and approval agencies including UL and FM.

Economical… Chemetron Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System allows for:

• minimized space and weight requirements
• faster installation and service
• ambient temperature storage

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