Chemetron FM-200 System

fm-200 systemSafe, non-toxic and environmentally acceptable for sensitive equipment, FM-200 extinguishes fires by physically removing heat energy from the flame. FM-200 reacts quickly at low concentrations to eliminate a fire. In normally occupied areas, people can breathe FM-200 at extinguishing concentrations without fear. Test after test supports the conclusion that FM-200 is as safe for
humans as it is effective at fighting fires, leaving no harmful or messy residue.

FM-200 safeguards a wide range of applications:

• Telecommunication Facilities
• Computer Operations
• Control Rooms
• Electronics Equipment
• Shipboard (Marine) Systems
• Rare Book Libraries
• Record Storage Facilities
• Art Galleries and Museums
• Universities and Colleges
• Petrochemical Installations
• Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities

FM-200 (CF3CHFCF3 – heptafluoropropane) is a compound that consists of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen. It is colorless, odorless and electrically nonconductive. FM-200 is stored as a liquid in steel containers and pressurized with nitrogen to 360 psig (2482 kPa) to increase its discharge flow characteristics. When discharged, FM-200 will vaporize at the discharge nozzles and effectively
mix with the air throughout the protected area.

Why Choose Chemetron FM-200?

Effective… FM-200 extinguishes fires primarily by physically cooling the flame; removing heat from the flame to the extent that the combustion reaction cannot sustain itself.
Fast-Acting… Extinguishment capability occurs within seconds, via a combination of chemically-based fire inhibition and cooling at the flame front. Extinguishing concentration is reached in seconds.
Recognized… By the top independent listing and approval agencies including UL and FM.
Economical… FM-200 clean agent fire protection system allows for:

› Minimized space and weight requirements
› Faster installation and service
› Ambient temperature storage

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