xltThe Chemetron Micro XLT and XLT lp* Control Units are the most advanced conventional single hazard agent releasing systems available to the industry today. Highly reliable and flexible the Micro XLT(lp) is well equipped to handle all special hazard extinguishing and suppression systems. The control panels offer a high degree of programming flexibility as well as a full complement of input and output circuits.

Applications for Chemetron Micro XLT and XLT lp:

• Large Warehouses
• Printing Plants
• Power Generation
• Clean Rooms
• Cement Plants
• Coating Lines
• Steel and Aluminum Mills
• Coal Handling, Grinding and Storage
• Manufacturing & Industrial Processes
• Rolling Mills and Metal Processing
• Document Records Storage Areas
• Electronics Production
• Computer Operations
• Electrical Furnaces

The Micro XLT lp is specifically designed for Low Pressure CO2 applications where multiple discharges may be required. In addition, Chemetron has led the way in providing UL Listed and FM Approved NEMA 4 & NEMA 12 cabinets to withstand harsh environments.
*Designates control panel for Low-Pressure CO2

• Built in Class A and Class B circuitry
• Programmable Notification Appliance Circuit
• Independently programmable Agent Releasing Circuits with proprietary
Triple-R protection to protect against inadvertent operation.
• Inputs and Outputs:

› 3 Detection Circuits – Class A or Class B
› 2 Supervisory Circuits – Class A or Class B
› 1 Manual Release Circuit – Class A or Class B
› 1 Abort Input Circuit – Class A or Class B
› 3 Notification Appliance Circuits – Class A or Class B
› 2 Release Circuits
› 4 Form-C Programmable Relays

• Robust Power Supply (5.4 Amps)
• Alpha-Numeric User-Interface
• Simple Configuration
• Password Protected
• Digital Display of Release Countdown
• Programmable Notification Appliance Circuit
• Battery Voltage and Charging Current Display
• Extensive Diagnostics
• Enclosure Options NEMA 1, NEMA 4 and NEMA 12

Approvals and Listings:

• FM Approved to ANSI/UL 864, 9th edition
• FM Approved to ULC-S527-99
• CSFM Approved
• cUL Listed

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