199 x variable MicroMLXThe MICRO-MLX is the technologically most advanced multi-loop, intelligent, addressable, networkable Fire Alarm-Suppression Control Unit available to the industry today.

Dependability and maximum protection against unintended release are hallmarks of Chemetron panels. The “Triple-R” (triple redundancy) safeguard ensures that no single component failure or combination of abnormal operating conditions, including main-microprocessor failure, is allowed to result in accidental release activation.

The fully featured MICRO-MLX multi-loop control panel combines high quality, system reliability, and flexibility for modern commercial, high-tech, industrial and heritage applications in an aesthetically pleasing and physically robust package.

Applications for Chemetron Micro MLX:

• Large Warehouses
• Printing Plants
• Power Generation
• Clean Rooms
• Cement Plants
• Coating Lines
• Steel and Aluminum Mills
• Coal Handling, Grinding and Storage
• Manufacturing & Industrial Processes
• Rolling Mills and Metal Processing
• Document Records Storage Areas
• Electronics Production
• Computer Operations
• Electrical Furnaces

The MICRO-MLX control panel is approved for use with the following types of fire suppression systems… Clean Agents, High- and Low-Pressure Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical, Water Mist, Water Deluge, Pre-Action and Foam.

Approvals and Listings:

• FM Approved to ANSI/UL 864, 9th edition
• UL Listed


• 2 SLC loops with 255 devices each (no device type restrictions)
• Expandable to 8 SLC loops, up to 6 expansion cards per control unit
• 8 optional expansion modules
• Backwards compatible with installed base of SmartOne devices, network and suppression release
• Unmatched seamless integration with High Sensitivity Smoke Detection, Aspirated Smoke Detection and Linear Heat Detection devices on SLC; lowers overall cost of system
• Release circuits with built in NFPA-72 compliant maintenance switch
• Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) to transmit system status over phone lines to a Central Station
• City Tie for connection to Municipal Tie inputs
• Remote Display Control Module (RDCM) system display and operations from multiple locations
• LED Annunciator Module (LAM) for up to 48 events annunciations
• Canadian enclosure for Canadian installations
• All of the above with a 36-month warranty

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