Cco2hemetron CARDOX™ High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) systems are the best protection for local area hazards, especially capable of quickly extinguishing fires that occur in fire prone processes or equipment. Carbon Dioxide is an odorless, colorless, inert gas that extinguishes fire primarily by diluting the oxygen that supports combustion. It is applied by either the “total flooding” or “local application” method. CO2 is not recommended for normally occupied spaces, except when other means of fire protection are not

Total flooding delivers CO2 into an enclosure until the fire/smoldering embers are extinguished. For open hazards, the CO2 local application method blankets the hazard extinguishing the flames and cooling the hazard. In “total flooding”, the enclosure of the hazard protected is flooded to a proper concentration. In “local application”, CO2 is directly applied in the proper amount at the needed rate to cover the protected hazard.


• CO2 is a proven solution for a wide range of special hazard spaces
• Non-damaging to property and electrically non-conductive
• Utilizes all recommended safety means to minimize risks to personnel
• CO2 is economical to replenish

Why choose Chemetron?

With more than 70 years of commitment to innovative fire protection technology worldwide, Chemetron continues as a leader in integrated special hazard fire protection systems. Since CARDOX systems were first installed in 1940, our system performance has contributed to make Chemetron the leading choice for high risk applications across the globe.

Our worldwide network of certified personnel and distributors have the training, experience and technical skills to provide you with all of the services needed to keep your property protected. We offer the following services: application engineering; inspection and testing; emergency repairs; hazard analysis; NFPA upgrades; safety, maintenance and operation site procedure; venting analysis; room integrity testing and more.

Applications Include:

• Heat Treat and Oil Quenching Operations
• Fume Handling and Dust Collection Systems
• Industrial Microwave Lines
• Continuous Casters
• Coating Lines
• Metals Production and Processing
• Rolling Mills (Steel & Aluminum)
• Paint, Mix and Solvent Areas
• Food Processing
• Shipboard (Marine) Systems

Cardox High-Pressure CO2 Features:

Fast… Within seconds, Carbon Dioxide penetrates the entire hazard area to smother the combustion before it can develop into a costly and damaging fire.
Non-Damaging… Carbon Dioxide leaves no residue, eliminating the need for a time-consuming and costly clean-up. Additionally, CO2 is electrically non-conductive and does not cause spoilage of organic materials.
Efficient… Carbon Dioxide vapor chokes off combustion quickly. The “dry ice” particles in the agent discharge allow “local application” protection of non-enclosed hazard areas.
Eco-Friendly… Carbon Dioxide is a basic element of the atmosphere and a naturally occurring by-product of combustion. Its use has no long-lasting environmental impact.
Adaptive… Carbon Dioxide is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials in both surface and deep-seated fires.


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